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Breaking News! Attention Network Marketers: Learn An Unfair Advantage With Finding Customers And Team Members ... Guaranteed!
If You Want To Change Your Life And Improve Your Chance Of Success ... Continue Reading This Entire Message.
What If I Gave You The Personal Blueprint Business Plan From 30 Different Millionaires? What Would That Do For You Life!
Imagine How Different Your Life Would Be If you Not Only Had a Detailed Plan But Understood How To Implement The Plan. If You Were Taught The Skills Needed To Build Your Business To Last The Test Of Time ...
...Vs Struggling in Your Business Trying To learn By Reading Books, Taking Webinars, aggravating Your Family And Friends Trying To get Them to Join Your Network Marketing Team?
If you are like me you HATE your job and are looking for a better way to earn a living. You see others making money in network marketing and wonder how they are able to be successful. Your friends are starting to avoid your calls and are making fun of you. 

Maybe you have grown your team but have hit a wall and people are starting to leave and nobody new is joining. You are tired of working so hard to gain new members. You spend all your time training new people to have them stay a few months then leave.   
Maybe you are just wonder why nothing has worked thus far?
Are You Starting To Think You Have The Wrong Product Or You Were Not Given Proper Training From Your Upline...
Your offering the same product everyone else is offering yet they are growing like crazy and you can't understand why. You are starting to think this is just a dream that is not meant for you. You do not have the skills needed to compete. You are ready to settle and continue working in the career you HATE. The career that takes you away from your family. Let Me Ask You: "How many games, recitals or school plays are you going to miss before you decide to make a change in your life?"
Have you noticed that as soon as you learn one part of the network marketing game you realize several more areas you need to learn in order to be successful.  It all seems like such an overwhelming task that will never end. 

Are you trying to figure out everything on your own with a lack of time, a lack of money and most of all a lack of knowledge? 

Do you feel alone in your journey? Do your family and friends look at you with a face of judgment every time you mention your business? Are you wondering if they secretly have a bet trying to guess when you will come to your senses and realize the only way to earn money is by working a 9-5 job that you HATE?
If you said "yes that is me" to any of the scenario's listed above then I am speaking directly to you. Don't leave now you are very close to the solution I found. I want to share this secret with you...
Learn from my mistakes. A wise person lets someone else blaze the trail to the promised land then follows their path.

I feel like all my struggles and failures were to push me to find the solution and then help as many people as possible!

How does that sound to you? Are you okay if I not only solve your problem but make it even easier for you to succeed!
Before I Give You The Solution Let Me Tell You Why You Should Listen To Me
Does My Story Sound Familiar To You? If not, read this as if this will be your future and ask yourself if you are strong enough to push through all the difficulty or if you should take this golden opportunity and in 30 short days you will be well on your way to success. 
As I stated, I HATE my job and because of my past failures I am still in the same line of work. Network marketing was going to save me and help me make a difference in peoples lives. I found a product through a friend I trusted. I failed at trying to convince my friends to join and started believing I just did not have what it takes. By nature I am a fighter and don't believe in quitting. This started my mission to find a way to make this work online. 

I read numerous books, started to learn how to influence people and started having a little success. I took webinars which explained in more detail how to be successful. This led me to ClickFunnels and using funnels to get leads. I learned how to use autoresponders and created all the follow up emails. I then created a website and had a logo designed. Now I needed to learn how to get traffic to my funnels. This is another area that can take years to learn. You need to know SEO, Keyword, Analytics, ETC. Then I tried to learn how to buy traffic. I spent a small fortune with a person that was recommended to me. It did generate leads but no customers. I changed companies thinking it was my product. The new company provide funnels, video sales letters and emails that were all done for me. Now I should succeed right? Wrong, because I still did not understand how to get the right traffic to see my product. Now I had a large list of people that would not buying or opening my emails. So, then I moved to Facebook and tried to learn how to buy ads myself. Another failure. Then I developed Instagram and YouTube accounts and started my mission to learn more about social media and how to leverage it in my online business.

I had learned all the pieces I needed to be successful but I still needed to learn how to put it all together in a manner that I understood. Traditional methods did not work for me no matter how hard I tried I felt like life was against me and I was not meant to be successful in network marketing. I was EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED

Then I saw the ad for Russell Brunson's 30-day Challenge that teaches you how to be successful online. This got my attention but when I realized it also included a book written by 30 people from his Two Comma Club. This club is for people that have earned a million dollars on one funnel. I knew this was the solution to my problems. Russell asked his Two Comma Club members to provide their plan for success in 30 days should they lose their money, their name and reputation and are only left with their marketing skills. This book alone is worth 20x the cost of this training. 
My Name is Sandra Conner
Taking The One Funnel Away Challenge was the best decision I have made to help my career. You get training from Russell Brunson himself. He explains each concept in detail on your level. Julie Stoian shows you step-by-step on the computer and Stephen Larsen keeps you motivated and provides detailed insights explaining how he uses these skills in his network marketing business.

I am not blessed with computer skills, but I understood everything taught. I am confident in putting my knowledge to use. 

If this country girl can understand, and implement the techniques taught in this challenge anybody can be successful after completing this course. 

I recommend you complete the training, then complete the task daily. Each step builds on the previous so waiting until the end to start your tasks will not work. 
Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You Too Could Have The Success I Had With This Training?
I am not able to quit my job yet, but in a few short months that is the plan.  I am well on my way to replacing my income. If you don't take this opportunity no big deal, after 30 days your life will still be the same. If however, you want hope and more time with your family take this opportunity. Take time to think of the possibilities. 

I need to explain that the training taught me how to market online without all the knowledge I was trying to achieve. I learned how to be successful without all the knowledge I wasted my time learning. Let me explain what I mean. What if you had to learn how to build a car before you could learn how to drive. Luckily that is not needed. Can you imagine how many people would be allowed to drive if we had to know how to build the car first? 

Take my advice and learn from my mistakes. Sign up today for this training.

Can you make a cake without all the ingredients and without putting the ingredients in the correct order. Yes you can, but I would not eat that cake. This training not only provides all the ingredients it gives you the correct order as well. Imagine how you would feel after making a cake from scratch for years then being given cake mix in a box and told you just need to add water, oil and eggs. BOOM You Have A Cake! 

If you are planning a trip to the beach and you have two routes you can take. One route will take you triple the time to arrive at your destination would you even consider that route as an option?

Don't waste anymore time get started now!

Can you see just how much easier, lighter, happier, and better things will be when you obtain the knowledge needed to understand network marketing?

Here Is What You Get!
This is the Answer To Your Online Marketing Problems....
One Funnel Away Challenge!!!
• 30 Days of Video Missions From Russell Brunson                   ($997 Value) 
• 30 Days of Coaching From Stephen Larsen & Julie Stoian     ($997 Value)  
• One Funnel Away Challenge Customized Kit (30 Day Plan)    ($997 Value) 
• Bonus: Physical Copy Of The Challenge Workbook                 ($97 Value) 
• Bonus: MP3 Player                                                                         ($297 Value) 
• Bonus: 30 Days Hardcover Book                                                  ($97 Value) 
• Bonus: Unlimited Access to 30 Days Interviews                       ($197 Value) 
• Bonus: Behind The Scenes- Two Comma Club Interviews     ($197 Value) 
                                                                                                  Total Value: $3,126 


Let Me Explain In More Detail What Is Included In This Offer...
30 Days Hardcover  Book
30 Members of Russell's Two Comma Club describe in detail their 30 day plan to make money if they lost everything. They have no name, money, or list all they have is their skills. Why is having this so important? Because you can find the blueprint that fits your style and model their plan. Imagine how different your life will be in 30 days. 

What this really means to you is, your life could look very different in just 30 days.  
A Physical Copy Of The Workbook
Having a workbook helps you to follow the training and helps hold you accountable to complete each mission. You have room to take notes for future reference. Why is having this important? Because being able to check off each mission as you complete them gives you the drive to finish the mission. What this really means to you is you have a book to reference anytime you get stuck.  

One Funnel Away Total Training Package 
You get daily coaching from Stephen Larsen & Julie Stoian. You get daily video missions from Russell Brunson. You get a One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook. 

Bonus Items: MP-3 Player, 30 Days Hardcover Book, Unlimited Access to 30 Days Interviews, behind the scenes - Two Comma Club interviews,
You are given everything you need to succeed!

Wait That Is Not All You Get! Because You Are Buying From Me You Get Exclusive Bonuses Not Available Anywhere Else!
Bonus #1
You Get A Detailed Copy Of My Personal Notes From The Challenge.
Don't worry the notes will be typed you would not be able to read my handwriting. This is over twenty pages of notes that include items I learned building my funnel and getting my account setup. Items not taught in the challenge. This will prevent you from having the problems I faced. 
You can watch the training with your full attention. You will not miss a second because you don't need to take notes.                           You Are Welcome!

Value: $697
Bonus #2
You Get A Copy Of My Squeeze Page!
You can start building your list from day one. Having a list is one of the biggest advantages an online marketer can have. Take advantage of this gift!

Value: $497
Bonus #3
You Get Access To My Secret Resource Cheat Sheet. 
I use this list to build my network marketing business. This is another great offer to help your business succeed. If you need a website, professional email, autoresponder, designers, sites to help you get traffic and much, much more this cheat sheet will advance your business.  

Value: $497
Bonus #4
You Get Access To My Facebook Group. 
This is another great offer to help your business succeed. I provide additional training and this is another resource to help get your questions answered from a group of people that want to help you succeed. 
Value: $297  
You get detailed training to improve your business, and answers to the problems holding you back. You are only 30 days away from a new exciting business. The benefits to you are priceless. 
Since you are buying from me you also get my bonuses that are only available to you.  

 Value from Russel Brunson: $3,126
Value from Sandra Conner: $1,988
Total Value: 5,114 
The Challenge Is Just $100 To Join. You Are One Funnel Away From Your Dreams Becoming A Reality! Hurry This Offer Is only Good A Few More Days. 
limited time offer!
Let Me Remove Your Last Reason To Say No. You Get A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
You have no risk by taking this challenge. Your only risk is saying no. 
Now it's time to take control of your future...
Learn How To Overcome Losing Everything And Put Your Business Back On Track In 30 Days!
The reason I say this is because I just completed the challenge and if I am able to get my business on track then I know you can. I have no computer skills yet I am able to design any funnel I want. Which means you can too. The success you desire is available and waiting for you to get started. 

The real benefit to you is having success in your business and proven to your family and friends you are in control of your future.  

I am very close to quitting my job and doing this full-time. The reason I say that is because you too can earn enough to quit your job and spend more time with your family. No more missing your kids games, school plays or recitals. 

Don't wait to reserve your spot for the next challenge.  

Remember, you're just one funnel away...

Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The One Funnel Away Challenge Offer!
  • • 30 Days of Coaching From Stephen Larsen & Julie Stoian       ($997 Value)  
  • • One Funnel Away Challenge Customized Kit (30 Day Plan)     ($997 Value) 
  • • Bonus: Physical Copy Of The Challenge Workbook                  ($97 Value) 
  • • Bonus: MP3 Player                                                                         ($297 Value) 
  • • Bonus: 30 Days Hardcover Book                                                  ($97 Value) 
  • • Bonus: Unlimited Access to 30 Days Interviews                       ($197 Value) 
  • • Bonus: Behind The Scenes- Two Comma Club Interviews      ($197 Value) 

Total Value: $3,126 
But today, you're getting all of this + my Bonuses...
For Only $100.00
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